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Wow! you have truly out done yourself. A master piece. I got the T shirts. Thanks as always.
      Mark McCroy  Oct 21, 2013
I just opened the shirts; they look awesome! Thanks again for helping us out.
      Patrice  Oct 28, 2013
Sandy, The bags were already here when I came in to work today. They look awesome! We are all very happy with the finished product; so much so that we’d like you to quote 1200 of them.
      Victoria Modestti  Dec 30, 2014
Got our order in today! They look great, Thanks for your help.
      Christie  Sep 24, 2014
Everyone LOVED the shirts. Thanks for making it so easy for us.
      Addy  Jul 14, 2014
The shirts were a huge hit, everyone loved the material and the colors. Thanks!!
     - Marc, YMCA  Jun 03, 2014
All the respiratory staff love the shirts. We believe these are the best, and thanks for adding those last minute add ons. I appreciate it. Thanks, Denise
      Denise  Jul 08, 2011
I opened the box today and it was like Christmas! I absolutely love these and think they will be a great tool for our health care professionals. They seem very sturdy and durable. Thank you for making this possible to give out at the Heart Forum. I think they are fabulous!!! Kim
     - Kim Hill, AnMed Health